Solar heaters for pool - Use and advantages

From: Aleen Hall <a***********@g*****.com>

Date: 2019-11-26 05:51:08

The use of solar pool heaters is a very practical and economical way to keep the pool water at an ideal temperature. Given the lack of information or spread of these many people do not take advantage of the benefits it offers.

The benefits it offers are:

Lengthen the pool season: Hayward millivolt pool heater allows the use of the pool for a longer period of the season. With solar heaters the pool can be used from the end of October until mid-March at an ideal temperature.

Initial investment lower than conventional heating systems: The initial investment of solar pool heating is lower than conventional systems.

It allows heating the pool at a very low cost: With the use of Hayward pool heater, the cost is almost nil. The only required element that needs energy is the water filtration pump.

It is ecological and does not consume gas: When using solar energy, the system is environmentally friendly and does not need fossil fuels or scarce resources.

Comfort and well-being: It allows you to enjoy with family and friends for a longer period without worry and full enjoyment of the pool and its temperature.

Short term investment recovery: In comparison with other types of pool heaters the energy consumption is almost nil. This allows the investment to be recovered in a very short period since conventional pool heating systems generate a very high periodic expense.

Nowadays this type of solar heaters has gained great popularity, since its efficiency, reducing expenses in the home or any other space.

As well as taking care of the environment make it perfect and could not miss a more use, keep the hot water in your pool The function of this type of heater does its job by acting as if it were a hose, which heats up when it is exposed to the sun and also keeps your pool at a good temperature.

With this type of heater, you do not need a storage tank, because it is enough with the solar heater equipment and your pool. It is common for this type of heater to require a filtration pump, which will help force the water.

Now, if you wonder about the size of the filtration pump, it all depends on the function you are going to perform, for what size of pool you are going to supply, distance from the collectors, etc.

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