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Date: 2019-11-18 07:25:23

Truth Behind Dental Impant Faliure

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Dental implant can be understood as an artificial root of teeth that is used in the dentistry department for its establishment. This implant is surgically placed into the bone of a jaw which particularly allows the dentist to replace the teeth into that area. If someone wants to consider a dental implant, they must need to have adequate bone as well as healthy gums. Not every dental implant proves to be successful for the patient as this process may not always work as compared to other dental procedures.

Here are some common causes that lead towards the failure of dental implant.

Most of the implants are divided into three parts, namely abutment, a titanium implant body, and a crown. The abutment is an attachment and crown is there to fix with it to align with the remaining teeth. One can face issues if any of the three gets broken or loose.

There is a process called Osseo integration where a body generates living bone cells to produce around the surface of an implant and anchor it to the jawbone. If this process does not perform like in the way it needs to, problems can arise eventually after the implant is settled. Read More

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